Our Sausages

All net sausage pack weights are 500g or more and are bulked with approximately 5% weight of organic sour dough bread crumbs from loaves baked on the premises. Gluten free alternatives are available upon request.

Pig - 60pxPepper Pig

Our trademark classic pork breakfast sausage. Locally sourced pork shoulder and belly with black & white pepper seasoning with celery salt, crushed coriander, cayenne, sage and thyme. A spicy herby sausage perfect as part of a fry up.

Pig - 60pxLouisiana Creole Chaurice

From the same stable as chorizo but relying on chilli and cayenne for its fire rather than paprika. The chaurice is marinated and strongly seasoned with garlic and pepper for an ideal barbecue sausage utilising traditional creole spices and methods.

Pig - 60pxToulouse Basquer

Developed by John after a tour of the Basque Country in South West France and Northern Spain. The sausage is subtly seasoned with garlic, white pepper and nutmeg after a 12 hour white wine marinade. A superb sausage to enjoy on its own or in a cassoulet.

Pig - 60pxForza Italia

A rich Italian salsiccia with a strong fennel, wine, garlic and herb seasoning. This is a perfect accompaniment to a pesto mash and red wine.

Pig - 60pxThe Dawkins Ale Cumberland Curl

A contemporary take on a British Classic. Our Cumberland sausage meat combines pork shoulder, Dawkins Bristol Gold ale, mace, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Pig - 60pxCow - 60pxThe Oxford Bastard

A pork and steak sausage with a complex seasoning blend of 12 herbs and spices including mace, marjoram and mustard. This a rich sausage perfect for traditional bangers and mash with gravy.

Lamb - 60pxAlgerian Lamb Merguez

A lamb sausage with a wonderful blend of mint, fresh coriander, paprika and cayenne. The Merguez is perfect in a pitta bread with harissa mayonnaise.

Cow - 60pxNo Pig - 60pxBeef Breakfast

A mildly seasoned pork-free sausage in a beef collagen case for pork free diets. The beef breakfast sausage is a popular choice for barbecues.

Pig - 60pxEl Diablo

A rich pork sausage heavily spiced with three chillies and garlic. Not for the faint of heart or stomach.

Pig - 60pxHellfire

El Diablo’s bigger and nastier brother. The Hellfire uses Scotch Bonnets alongside finger chillies to give your taste buds a good hiding.

Pig - 60pxThe Crossman’s Farmhouse Cider Sausage

Using Crossman’s Prime Farmhouse Cider from Hewish in North Somerset to marinade a sumptuous pork and Bramley apple sausage with a pepper, mace and nutmeg background.

Jamaican Jerk SausagePig - 60px

Locally sourced pork shoulder and belly combined with a traditional Jamaican Jerk seasoning that includes cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and chilli. This superb sausage is warming, spicy and thoroughly addictive.

The Akabanga BangerPig - 60px

The Akabanga Banger is made using, as you would expect, “Akabanga” – a delicious, hot chilli oil from Rwanda containing 80% extract of yellow scotch bonnet chilli peppers & 20% of vegetable oil. “Akabanga” means “little secret” in both Rwanda & Burundi official languages but it is no secret that this sausage will blow your mind as well as your socks off.

VeggieThe Delectable Veggie Banger

Our veggie sausage is a delectable mix of black beans, courgette and tofu. We also lovingly combine onion, garlic, celery salt, marjoram, coriander, pepper, coconut oil and olive oil together with cayenne and our sour dough breadcrumbs or a rice and maize rusk in the gluten free version.