Sausagenius Logo 2 - flat - 600The Sausagenius concept probably began back in 2012. John embarked on a breadmaking course at Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire under the tutelage of baking guru Clive Mellum and immediately set to work baking for friends, family and neighbours.

In 2013 John started making his own sausages. Feedback from everyone who tried them was excellent so he started producing and delivering locally in South Bristol to an ever-expanding customer base under the name Atkinson and Sons.

In early 2014 John was playing poker with some of his friends and one of his best customers, Matt, was also at the table (they were both losing heavily). After many beers Matt suggested the name of the company should be Sausagenius and that he would love to get on board with the business and is now the technical wizard behind the company.

Sausagenius’ reputation grew incredibly quickly locally. Our philosophy is simple: Use the best, freshest and most responsibly sourced ingredients to produce the best sausages money can buy. All our pork is British and outdoor raised and we only use shoulder and belly. Our herbs are 75% home grown in the Sausagenius allotment and, no tasteless rusk for us; all our bangers are ‘bulked’ with our home baked sour dough bread’s breadcrumbs.

Sausages have had a bad image in recent years and deservedly so. A typical supermarket pack’s label will list such delights as: Potato Starch, Dextrose, Stabilisers (E450i and E450iii), Sodium Alginate, Anitoxidants (E300 and E307), Diphosphates, Sodium Metabisulphite and Guar Gum.

Needless to say Sausagenius products have none of these nasties in fact nothing artificial at all – nil, nada, nowt, zilch. Just fresh wholesome ingredients that is obvious in the taste.

We love to experiment – Matt is a chilli freak and this has led to the regular production of our hot and macho chilli range including the El Diablo, The Akabanga Banger and the ridiculously hot, Hellfire. John has made bespoke sausages for customers including such creations as the skinless thai free-range chicken snag, the turkey and cranberry diet saussie and the venison and stilton poacher’s banger. If there’s nothing of interest on the menu, get in touch and we’ll see what we can create for your own individual taste.

Thanks, John & Matt 🙂