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An introduction to some delightful additions to our sausage repertoire

March 19, 2015



Veggie - Jamaican Jerk - Akabanga

We are always looking at expanding our sausage range to cater for all tastes and persuasions. These are the latest to join our superb sausage selection:-

  1. The Delectable Veggie Banger was worked on for six months before the final recipe was nailed. It combines black beans, courgettes and tofu with a warming seasoning blend including pepper, cayenne, coriander and cumin. It is available with our organic sour dough breadcrumbs as standard or as a gluten free version with a maize and rice flour rusk.
  2. The Jamaican Jerk Sausage is a spicy sausage using prime cuts of shoulder and belly pork. The main seasoning comes from a mix provided by our friends at Tropical Sun but we also use fresh chillies to give it an extra wallop. These are our most popular sausages on our market stalls at the minute and are amazing with an ice cold beer.
  3. And finally The Akabanga Banger which is made using “Akabanga” – a delicious, hot chilli oil from Rwanda containing 80% extract of yellow scotch bonnet chilli peppers & 20% of vegetable oil. Sausagenius’ very own chilli-freak Matt brought home a box after a recent trip to Rwanda. “Akabanga” means “little secret” in both Rwanda & Burundi official languages but it is no secret that this sausage will blow your mind as well as your socks off.



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