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The Sausagenius recipe book is now available for download on Amazon

February 23, 2015

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Amazon Kindle Sausagenius BookYES! It’s here! The Sausagenius recipe book! Kindle Edition on Amazon! Only £1.99!!!

“How to Make Sausages the Sausagenius Way” – The first book from the Sausagenius stable by our very own Johnnie “Genius” Atkinson takes you step-by-step through through the recipes of eight of our fabulous sausage range from the fiery El Diablo through to the exotic Lamb Merguez.

The book will also show you how to make incredible, yet really simple pork scratchings.

There are easy-to-follow full dish recipes to showcase your sausages in all their glory and Johnnie will take you through all the essential equipment you’ll need to create your own tasty bangers in your home kitchen.

Click the button below to download your very own copy now. If you like it please give it 5 stars and don’t forget to write us a glowing review (grovel, grovel). 🙂

Download from Amazon – only £1.99



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